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Continuum is a boutique risk and insurance advisory firm operating in Asia

We are focused on helping businesses that are involved in Web 3.0 and emerging technology industry. Our mission is to make complex insurance simple through education, technology and superior client service.


We offer a range of business insurance products directly to early stage companies through our licence holder partners in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. We can also offer these products to other countries


We focus on bringing specialist reinsurance solutions to local markets via access to international markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Labuan, London and Bermuda. Working directly with local insurance companies and brokers we can provide access to specialist insurance products that may not be available in the their local market.

Risk Advisory

With over 20 years of experience working with Asian companies we offer a range of risk management advisory services to assist companies who want to implement or enhance their internal risk management processes to mitigate against unforeseen events.

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At Continuum our aim is to simplify complex insurance with education, data and superior client service. We love to support innovative companies who are involved in Web 3.0 and the emerging technology industry. We are passionate about client service and supporting our client’s business.

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