EduTech (Educational Technology), often referred to as “EdTech,” is the use of technology and digital tools to enhance teaching, learning, and educational processes.

EduTech rose to prominence during the pandemic and has the potential to revolutionize traditional education by making learning more accessible, engaging, and personalized. It can cater to diverse learning styles and provide educational opportunities to learners worldwide. Additionally, EduTech can help teachers and educators streamline administrative tasks, track student performance, and provide more individualized support to students.

Who do we work with?

  • Edutech¬†Companies
  • E-learning Platforms
  • Educational App Developers
  • International Schools
  • Private Schools
  • School Support Services

What insurance should Edutech and E-Learning businesses consider ?

Why should Edutechs and E-Learning Platforms consider insurance?

While EduTech offers numerous benefits, it also comes with certain risks and challenges that need to be addressed to ensure its successful and responsible implementation. Some of the key risks of online education include:

Professional Liability

If an EduTech company provides consulting, training, or advisory services to educational institutions, professional liability insurance protects against claims of errors, omissions, or negligence in the services provided.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

 EduTech companies must comply with various laws and regulations related to data protection, accessibility, and educational standards. Insurance can help cover costs associated with regulatory fines and legal actions.

Intellectual Property Protection

EduTech companies often develop original content, software, and instructional materials. Intellectual property insurance helps protect their intellectual property from infringement claims.

Business Interruption

Disruptions due to events like technical failures, cyber incidents, or natural disasters can impact an EduTech company’s ability to deliver services. Business interruption insurance covers lost income and ongoing expenses during downtime.

Cybersecurity and Data Breaches

EduTech companies handle sensitive student and teacher data. In the event of a data breach or cyberattack, cyber insurance can cover the costs of data recovery, notifying affected parties, and potential legal claims

Misinformation and Content Quality

The vast amount of online educational content may include inaccuracies, misinformation, or inappropriate material. Students may struggle to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources.


Why work with Continuum?

At Continuum we have significant experience of working with both the technology and educational sector in Asia. Our focused is on helping businesses that are involved in the education space. Our in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the appetite of insurers allows to advise clients on the appropriate solutions to help them protect their business and offer value to their clients. We take a client-centric approach, appreciating that insurance may be a future requirement rather than an immediate need and advise on the timing of policy inception as well as helping with payment schedules and budgeting requirements.

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