Web 3.0, also known as the decentralized web or the “Internet of Value,” is a vision for the future of the internet that aims to create a more open, decentralized, and user-controlled web. Web 3.0 is built on blockchain technology and aims to address some of the fundamental limitations of Web 2.0, such as centralized control of user data and the monetization of user attention by a few large corporations.

Blockchain is an example of an emerging technology. These are innovative and advancing technologies that are in the early stages of development or have the potential to significantly impact various industries and society as a whole. These technologies are often characterized by their disruptive nature, introducing new ways of doing things and offering novel solutions to existing problems. A distinguishing feature of emerging technologies is that they have not yet reached mainstream adoption but are showing promise and potential for transformation.

At Continuum, our focus is helping the Web 3.0 and emerging technology community with their risk and insurance needs. As the technology and their businesses evolve and grow, so do the risks. Our role is to advise and guide Web 3.0 and emerging technology companies on the right insurance at the right time.

Who do we work with?

Web 3.0 and emerging technologies can span across a wide range of fields and sectors, including:

  • Information Technology
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Gaming & eSports
  • Renewable and Clean Technologies
  • Smart Cities

We work with companies at all stages of their development – from seed to blossom – advising at each part of their growth journey and, importantly, being there in case they need to call upon their insurance policy for help.

Why should Emerging Technology businesses consider insurance?

Emerging technology businesses should consider insurance for several important reasons:

Risk Mitigation

Insurance can help your business mitigate risks and protect you from potential financial losses associated with various risks and liabilities. Emerging technologies often involve unique risks that may not be adequately covered by traditional insurance policies.

Legal and Contractual Requirements

Many industries and business relationships require companies to have certain insurance coverage in place. When working with government agencies or large corporations, your emerging technology business may be required to provide proof of insurance to secure contracts

Protection of Assets and Investments

Emerging technology businesses invest significant resources, time, and capital in research, development, and intellectual property. Insurance can help protect these assets by providing coverage for loss or damage to equipment, prototypes, patent infringement claims, and other potential risks.

Reputation and Credibility

Having insurance coverage can enhance a business’s reputation and credibility. It demonstrates the company takes its responsibilities and risk mitigation seriously. This can be important when seeking investments, partnerships, or clients who want assurance that the business has adequate protection in place.

Business Continuity

Insurance can play a crucial role in ensuring business continuity in the face of unexpected events or losses. It can provide financial support to recover from setbacks, such as property damage, lawsuits, data breaches, or other liabilities, allowing the business to continue operations and minimize disruptions.

Employee Protection

Insurance coverage can extend to protect employees, providing benefits such as workers’ compensation, health insurance, and disability coverage. This not only supports the well-being of employees but also helps attract and retain top talent as the business grows.

While the specific insurance needs may vary depending on the nature of the emerging technology business, it is crucial to assess the risks and consult with insurance professionals who specialize in the technology sector. They can help identify the appropriate coverage options and tailor insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of the business.



Why work with Continuum?

Our mission at Continuum is focused on helping businesses that are involved in the Web 3.0 and emerging technology space. Our in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the appetite of insurers allows to advise clients on the appropriate solutions to help them protect their business and offer value to their clients. We take a client-centric approach, appreciating that insurance may be a future requirement rather than an immediate need and advise on the timing of policy inception as well as helping with payment schedules and budgeting requirements. Our aim is to advise and assist emerging technology firms from seed to flower and become a long-term partner with them through their journey to success.

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