We work directly with clients via our direct broker partners to provide business insurance that help support startups and founders with their insurance requirements.  We focus on working with clients to understand their business and the risks which confront them as they look to operate and grow.


With over 20 years’ experience in reinsurance in Asia we focus on bringing specialist reinsurance solutions to local markets via access to international markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Labuan, London and Bermuda.

Facultative Reinsurance

Working directly with local insurance companies (cedents) we can provide access to specialist insurance products allowing clients to transfer risks to reinsurers on a facultative basis.

Wholesale Broking

We help direct brokers to access international capacity and specialised insurance products. Continuum has access to global insurers and reinsurers to assist direct brokers on challenging placements.

Schemes and Facilities

We specialize in arranging long-term schemes and facilities working on behalf of associations that want to provide insurance to their members. We are experienced in setting up new schemes including the policy wordings, administration and claims processes.

Structured Solutions

In challenging market conditions, the need to investigate alternative risk solutions increases. Our market access and strong relationships enable us to create innovative and alternative risk solutions including captives.

Risk Advisory

With over 20 years of experience in Asia of working with a whole cross section of industries including financial institutions, manufacturing, commodities, logistics, transportation, entertainment and FMCG we offer a range of risk management advisory services to assist companies who want to implement or enhance their internal risk management processes to mitigate against unforeseen events.

Insurance Due Diligence

We work with private equity, corporate M&A teams, and investors to help review a target companies’ assets from an insurance perspective. Understanding a company’s insurance program is necessary to assess risk associated with an investment in that company. If the amounts, coverage terms, quality of insurance or types of insurance are inadequate, the asset is could be at risk either pre or post-acquisition.

Risk and Insurance Gap Analysis (RIGA)

RIGA is a loss scenario analysis programme designed to build upon a company’s existing risk management framework in extracting all insurable risk events and assessing those events which could potentially have high impact on the business. We will examine the loss scenarios against the existing policy conditions and provide commentary where there are gaps. We can then work independently or with your existing broker to do a cost/benefit exercise to review the results in time for the next insurance renewal.

Enterprise Risk Management

Our partners at Continuum have been working on and engaging with boards on the introduction of Enterprise Risk Management for over 25 years. We have presented to and sat on multiple board Audit Committees and Risk Committees. For more experienced risk management clients the tools and techniques we employ are those required to keep risk systems alive and relevant as the company evolves. Understanding and embracing the culture of any client is crucial and our clients are all very different.

ESG and Sustainability

We help organisations plan, source, deliver, finance and measure the wider impact of products and services. We’re helping to future-proof businesses by making them more resilient, agile and sustainable. We provide guidance on a wide variety of issues, working with clients from the corporate, private equity and public sector. We’re specialists in how organisations can spot the sustainability risks and harness the opportunities.